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BaseRock IT Solutions designs and implements secure industrial IT and OT infrastructures for both brownfield and greenfield sites, and identifies cybersecurity risks for brownfield sites – leading to the proposal and delivery of security enhancements. All our engagements conform to ISA 99 / IEC 62443 manufacturing cybersecurity standards.


We design and implement secure industrial IT and OT infrastructures for greenfield sites and identify cybersecurity risks for brownfield sites, leading to the proposal and delivery of security enhancements.


Every business is different and BaseRock provides bespoke solutions for your business IT requirements that utilise a vast array of technologies – including cloud, traditional LAN and WAN infrastructure, business intelligence report suites and more.

We take time time to get to know every client’s infrastructure and overall security posture, existing processes, preferences and planning before proposing a future-proof design.

Cyber Security

Many factories still have their factory OT systems connected to network switches, which are managed and maintained by their local IT teams. This is usually because IP networks were never something that the factory was involved in and it was the easiest way to gain network connectivity with the minimal amount of effort.

Unfortunately, as OT cybersecurity gains focus, more and more companies are realising that the corporate and factory networks should be physically separated in line with ISA 99 / IEC 62443.  Correctly designing, implementing and migrating to a new dedicated factory network that aligns with industrial security standards and avoids unplanned downtime requires a solid understanding of factory processes in addition to the usual networking knowledge that IT teams possess.

BaseRock helps our customers navigate this change, working with both the IT and OT teams to ensure the correct architecture for the dedicated factory network, supplying installing and configuring the network devices, alongside migrating existing OT assets off the IT network and onto the new factory network.

ISA 99 / IEC 62443 Compliant Design

BaseRock uses our certified ISA/IEC 62443 Design Specialists to create design proposals that mitigate the risks highlighted from a Risk Assessment engagement.
Our designs are created with a security-first in-depth defence approach and provide for resilient systems across the entire design.  This covers the network architecture and segmentation, identity management, USB storage device controls, backup and disaster recovery, policies, remote access and a whole lot more.

ISA 99 / IEC 62443 Compliant Risk Assessments

With our certified ISA/IEC 62443 Risk Assessment Specialists, we can provide risk assessments for our customers that conform to the ISA/IEC 62443 security standards.
The Risk Assessment provides a detailed view of a client’s security posture so that they can take the necessary steps to move towards a more secure future.
Cyber Security
Industry 4.0 - IIOT

Industry 4.0 / IIoT

Industry 4.0, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is all about making business smarter and more automated. Whilst the Third Industrial Revolution focused on switching mechanical and analogue processes to digital ones, the Fourth Industrial Revolution focuses on deepening the impact of our digital technologies by making our machines more self-sufficient, able to ‘talk’ to one another, and to consider massive amounts of data in ways that humans simply can’t – all in the name of efficiency and growth. Industry 4.0 technology represents a foundational shift in how businesses operate, as fundamental as the change from steam power to electricity in the Second Industrial Revolution.

Asset Discovery

One of the first steps to being cyber secure is to understand exactly what physical assets you need to protect. BaseRock helps our clients to discover all network connected devices on the factory network – including the ones that have been forgotten about. Using non-disruptive light touch discovery tools and combining this with some manual on-site discovery work, we can provide a comprehensive cyber asset list so that you know exactly what exists across your network.

Asset Communication Flow Mapping

Perhaps you know what assets you have connected to your network, but do you know which assets are talking to each other, or even talking to systems outside of your network? This knowledge is key to facilitating accurate and effective designs to enhance your overall cyber security posture without causing an unintended negative impact. BaseRock IT Solutions can provide accurate visibility into which devices are speaking to each other and on what ports across the entire network and beyond.

Local Infrastructure

Local Infrastructure forms the backbone of any business. It is vital that both the network and compute solutions are appropriately scaled, secured and correctly configured to meet your business needs.

The BaseRock team pride ourselves in designing, installing and supporting networks and computer systems for both manufacturing and business customers. We will produce a solution that matches your requirement, we will never oversell a solution as value is one of our core values. We work in partnership with every customer to ensure they get the best solution to suit their needs.


BaseRock IT Solutions consists of experts in both wired and wireless networking, plus we partner with best of breed manufacturers to give you the best solution at the lowest price.


We can help with any requirement from providing workstations and asset inventory management to designing large-scale virtual environments. We can also advise on hybrid solutions that leverage cloud technology to provide off-site data redundancy.
Local Infrastructure
Cloud Solutions


Cloud solutions provide a wealth of options for any requirement or to enhance an existing system. Adding the ability to offload storage to a cloud repository instantly removes the cost of expensive local storage equipment, whilst adding a hybrid cloud backup solution eliminates the need for expensive backup media, multiple replications and provides clear pricing.

Native Cloud Solutions

Solutions that are mastered and operate purely in the cloud require no on-premises equipment and usually operate on a subscription payment model.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Adding a cloud component to an on-premises solution grants instant functionality and flexibility. Hybrid solutions often provide cost savings in both equipment and the resources needed to maintain physical systems.

Professional Services

Not only will we create a detailed proposal for moving your site to a IEC 62443 compliant security posture, we can supply, install and configure all of the components of the design and will work with you to migrate your existing devices over to the new secure platform.

We consistently achieve zero unplanned downtime throughout this process and our clients  don’t incur loss of production costs.

Plan & Design

BaseRock IT Solutions have a proven methodology which keeps you involved and provides clear information as we work through the planning and design of your solution.

Installation & support

With our certified Specialists across security, Networks, Microsoft, Virtualisation, and Cloud, we can provide expert installation and flexible support agreements for any solution already in place or purchased from us.
Professional Services
Support and Managed Services

Support & Managed Services

BaseRock IT Solutions provides a range of support offerings to accommodate your specific requirements. We can provide simple on-demand support to a suitable SLA, can work alongside your internal IT and Operations teams or can act as your fully outsourced provider – offering a huge range of services to cover any requirement from network, security, server, cloud, data analysis and traditional desk-side support services. Our staff are certified across a number of disciplines, including ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Maintenance Specialists.


BaseRock IT Solutions can provide flexible support agreements for any solution or module of your systems. These are completely flexible and transparent, there are never any hidden charges, and you can get the support you need at the right price.

Managed Services

Managed services provide complete peace of mind, letting you get on with running your business. We can take care of as much or as little as you require, all wrapped up in a modular support plan. Get in touch with us to discover what we can do for you.

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It’s really impressive that BaseRock IT Solutions managed to implement such a large change to the infrastructure without causing any production losses to the factory. A true reflection of the expertise in the team and the effort put in by all.
Senior Regional Project Engineer, a leading confectionary brand
Physical network segmentation, introduction of dedicated factory network
Thanks to their great attention to detail, vast expertise and most professional approach, BaseRock got us through a number of major migrations in the manufacturing landscape. No problem too big or detail too small.
Senior Factory Security Engineer, a leading confectionary brand