BaseRock IT Solutions have over 30 years experience in providing and supporting IT infrastructures in a manufacturing setting for some of the largest manufacturing companies.  We have aligned with ISA 99 / IEC 62443 Manufacturing Security Standards and can conduct security risk assessments and implement remediation plans specific to manufacturing environments to help keep your manufacturing environment secure and mitigate the ever growing cyber security risk.



Downtime of IT infrastructure leads to loss of production.  Implementation and ongoing maintenance of a proven resilient IT infrastructure is key to ensuring minimal or no downtime for our manufacturing customers.  We draw on our years of experience to ensure that all IT infrastructure components that we install work seamlessly with one another and have the highest levels of in-built resilience.  We don’t just leave you there, we provide ongoing real-time monitoring and maintenance to these systems, constantly striving for (and consistently achieving) zero downtime during production hours


One of the biggest mistakes that control and automation companies make when managing IT infrastructures for manufacturing companies is to consider security as a secondary concern.  The reality is that an insecure IT infrastructure can lead to vulnerabilities being exploited (intentionally or unintentionally) which invariably lead to badly performing systems, extended downtime and risks to plant safety.   All of our engagements with our customers are conducted with security as a primary concern in line with ISA 99 / IEC 62443 standards.


A poorly performing IT infrastructure is another cause of loss of production and can also lead to safety concerns when operating a production line.  We implement proven technologies and configure these with proven configurations in a manufacturing setting to ensure a fast and responsive IT infrastructure.  We then monitor this in real-time to ensure that everything continues to run without disruption.

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